Marketing with your eyes closed? Why you need to understand Google Analytics 

Marketing with your eyes closed? Why you need to understand Google Analytics 

Not using Google Analytics Services is a lot like driving your car blindfolded.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen; you can’t see where you’re going, have no idea how to get to your destination and your hazard perception and awareness are virtually non-existent.

The same applies when doing any kind of online business without using Google Analytics. You’re essentially running your business blind. Your ability to steer your marketing in the right direction, understand where things may or may not be working, and your capacity to put new actions into place to overcome issues will be seriously hampered.

There are hundreds of good reasons to be using Google Ads and Analytics but if you’re still not really understanding the power of this free tool, try asking yourself these questions:


Do you need Google Analytics Services to better understand your customer?

You may think you do, but are you basing your business model on a perception of who your customer might be, rather than genuine knowledge? Google Ads and Analytics gives you the tools to better understand your customer – who they are, what they’re engaging with, how long they’re engaging for, what makes them tick and most importantly, what puts them off. It’s clear that understanding your customer is the key to any good marketing strategy. If you’re choosing not to use the metrics to gain better insight, you’re putting your business at an immediate disadvantage.


Is your website working?

We’re not talking technically (that’s a whole different issue) but is it working to engage your customers? Are more people visiting your website? How long do they stay for? Which page gets the greatest number of clicks? Do they read your blogs? Do you even know? If you’re not using metrics to measure the success of your website, you could be piling all the money you have into your web design, graphics, domain and content without even knowing if you’re getting any results.


Where do you rank in search engines?

Just because you’re investing money into Search Engine Optimization Services it doesn’t mean that it is paying off. The only way to really see and to really know if your SEO is working is by looking at the data. This is a fast-paced game – SERPs (Serach Engine Results Pages) will throw you off the top ranks in an instant if your customers aren’t clicking through and staying on your website. If you’re visitors aren’t sticking around, you need to know why.


Are you on the right platform?

One of the great things about using Google Analytics Services is it will tell you which channels are directing people to your website, so you know where best to focus your resources. If you’re receiving traffic from some of your social media accounts but not others, why is that? Clearly seeing what’s working and what’s not enables you to strategically make changes to your accounts that are crying out for help, and in turn increase your engagement and improve your ROI.


Could you be keeping up with your customers better with Google Ads and Analytics?

Consumer behaviour changes all the time – knowing what your customers were doing 6 months ago doesn’t mean it’s relevant today. There are seasonal changes in spending to consider, patterns based on pay day, as well as wider behaviour changes on a national and international scale. Who knew that a global pandemic would suddenly put toilet roll and dried pasta at the most wanted spot on the shopping list?! If you can tap into Google Analytics regularly to assess your customer behaviour, you’ll be in a much better position to forecast ahead and plan for periods of higher and lower activity.

Google Analytics Services may be free to use but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend money on it. If you’re not an expert or don’t have the time to be analysing daily metrics don’t be hesitant to ask someone else to. At soVision IT we’ll look at your data in detail and break down the most important information so you’re only seeing what you need to – armed with the right tools to make small (or big) changes to your online business to improve engagement and boost your sales.


If you're looking to effectively analyse your data, or perhaps gather a better understanding of Google Analytics Services, why not get in touch. We're here to listen and we're here to help: 0117 986 4026 | [email protected].