soVision IT helped planting 58 woodland trees

soVision IT helped planting 58 woodland trees

soVision IT has actively participated in the planting of 58 trees woodland in Kings Weston Estate Bristol supporting the Bristol City Council and the One Tree Per Child project.


What did the volunteering involve? 


The volunteering involved 6 persons and 5 fun hours spent in nature, meeting new people and having the chance to take responsibility for the local environment. We also discovered new and interesting things about trees; for example, oak trees like to be close to other oak trees, so they had to be planted together. Our digital marketing strategist, Alexandra, gave us the tip to collect and dry the flowers of lime trees and make a great tea, that will help to relieve headaches, tension and anxiety.


Why was this important? 


"Nature is an important resource for a sustainable society and, through our planting actions, we wanted to actively contribute to maintaining a greener environment. We are glad we could support the campaign "One Tree Per Child Bristol" and we would love to do it again when the new planting season starts in autumn 2017. ”, Alexandra Grozea, digital marketing strategist soVision IT.

One Tree Per Child Bristol is a project in which 39,000 trees were planted in schools, parks and open spaces across Bristol since 2014. The plan is to manage to plant another 24,000 trees by 2020. One Tree Per Child is providing the needed training and tools to make sure most of the trees will live (usually there is a 90% rate of success).


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