Could a better e-commerce website save your bacon?

Could a better e-commerce website save your bacon?

Isn’t it excruciating? That feeling you get when you’ve spent the last hour or more finding something online, having searched through hundreds of alternatives on various different websites, finally found the right item in your size and colour, you pop it in your cart ready to check out, go to fill in your shipping and banking details, make a mistake, click to go back and…? It’s suddenly vanished. Your shopping cart is empty, your frustration levels are through the roof and you’re back to square one with nothing to show for it. But, could this have all been avoided if the business had effective E-commerce Web Development?

Consumers do not want a poor buying experience. Technical issues are just one cause of shopping cart abandonment, though problems with shipping, a lack of payment options, and the desire to compare prices are other common reasons why online customers might fail to complete a transaction.

It’s thought that 10% of customers abandon their shopping cart. So, for every 100 people visiting your website a day and with an average product value of £125, you’re effectively throwing £1250 a day down the drain, as well as losing a customer forever! So, ask yourself this: wouldn't it be easier if you had reliable E-commerce Web Development services to prevent this?


Can you afford to lose your customers? No? Then you need E-commerce Web Development


If you’re in the e-commerce field it’s something you really need to be taking seriously, especially if something avoidable like technical issues or poor usability is stopping you from making sales. If it happens once, you might just have another chance at a sale, twice and that customer will be gone faster than you can say ‘Amazon Prime’.

Speaking of which, there’s a reason why Amazon is one of the world’s most valuable brands. Love it or hate it there is no denying that they have nailed the online consumer experience so much so that it is often harder to avoid using Amazon than it is to buy from them. Shopping around becomes a lot less appealing when you know that you could have something delivered on the same day of purchase, especially when you can ‘Buy Now’ in seconds without having to spend any time adding banking or personal details. So how can an independent e-commerce business compete with the convenience, speed, and scope of a company of this scale, as well as making good profits too?

Well, perhaps you don’t have to compete directly. Rather, you just need to make sure your e-commerce website is capable of meeting the needs and expectations of your customer throughout every stage of the customer journey with exceptional E-commerce Web Development services.  

The fact is your customers may well have come to you precisely because they weren’t looking to spend their money on a big multinational corporation like Amazon – but they’re not likely to hang around if your website makes buying from you difficult.


What can you do with effective E-commerce Web Development services?


If you’re not completely convinced by your own e-commerce website, we believe there are some very simple rules to stick to that should keep your customers returning and your business growing.



  • Use a provider that will test every inch of your e-commerce website development, so your customers don’t have to.
  • Spend time building a secure and failsafe platform before you market to the public – your customers won’t wait around to watch as you fix your mistakes.
  • Focus on features that improve the customer experience and increase your sales, rather than just looking pretty. Think ‘previous customers also bought…’ or ‘based on your recommendations’.
  • Use Google Analytics to measure your metrics. Everyone loses customers sometimes but the businesses that grow despite this are those that understand why, when, where, and how they were lost.


And remember – e-commerce is all about the customer, making Web E-commerce Development even more important. If you’re selling online your website needs to be customer-centric through and through and it needs to keep up with a consumer that expects more and more from the online shopping experience every day. Fail to recognise this or do anything about it and you will lose business. Get it right and you won’t just avoid going bust, you might just see your e-commerce website really take off.


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