Hosted Exchange

Secure, reliable email hosting, accessible from anywhere

What would happen if a client urgently needed to contact you, but your email was down? What if a new prospect sent an enquiry, but you missed it because of a fault? Your customers need to communicate with you and with hosted exchange, they can. Faults like this aren’t only bad for business, they give a bad impression and add up to a poor customer experience.  

soVision IT offers a hosted exchange service, so you can receive those enquiries and do what you’re good at: closing them. We work with businesses like yours across a range of sectors, from eCommerce to the legal profession. Our infrastructure is secure, UK-based, and resilient so you won’t miss another opportunity again.


Benefits of hosted exchange with soVision IT: 

Simple, flexible email costs

Pay for what you need, as you need it. Add users only when you need them at a straightforward cost of £5.50 per user per month.




Built-in spam and malware protection

Reduce the amount of delivered spam and protect against viruses, phishing and malware attacks. Our hosted exchange service reduces your risk and saves on processing and storage costs. 

Feature-rich email

Use the latest Microsoft Outlook client to send, receive and manage emails, calendars and contacts. Integration with Microsoft Office allows you to work online and offline from your desktop, laptop, iPad, Android tablet or smartphone. 


Achieve value for money and save time

When you outsource email hosting you share overheads with many organisations, making the price per user very cost effective. It also releases your scarce IT staff to focus on your business, instead of spending time on email-related headaches.

Reliable and secure service

Built on a resilient infrastructure with a 99.99% SLA your email is fully backed up and secure. Options include use of our resilient shared infrastructure and ‘software as a service’ as well as the possibility of us hosting a Dedicated Exchange Server for you.  


Simple email that you control

Cloud-based email from soVision IT is ready and waiting for you. You get many of the benefits of a Microsoft Exchange solution without needing the technical resources and skills in-house to set it up. Flexible configuration allows you to retain control of folders, storage per user, archiving policies and filters.

Mobile email

Stay contactable wherever you are, whether in the field, home or remote working. Emails, contacts and calendars are synced across devices and mean you never have to miss a lead or contact again.




Synchronised data

Keep up to date and ensure you’ve got the most up to date calendars, documents and contacts across your organisation.