Virtual Cloud Servers

There are certain things that you expect to be fast, reliable and secure. Your software, IT and applications fall under that category

But traditional servers don’t offer much flexibility. Located on-premise, they’re expensive, inflexible, and rely on technical experts to run efficiently. And with more and more businesses moving to home working, on-premise servers simply aren’t practical but virtual cloud hosting is the way forward.

soVision IT offers a flexible, UK-based cloud hosting service. Scalable, quick, and reliable, our servers are secure and offer an agile alternative to on-premise servers.

What is a Virtual Cloud Server (VCS)? 

Cloud servers are servers that are not managed by you or located on your premises, but managed by soVision IT. Cloud servers are flexible, secure and high-performing. You can achieve the same levels of performance, security and control as you would with a dedicated server on your own premises. The difference is that we manage the server for you, saving you time and money.


Virtual cloud hosting servers offer several benefits: 

Safe, secure and optimal IT performance

Scale according to load. You can start small and expand if needed. VCS offer flexibility, which is great for fluctuating business needs or piloting software. Your data is held in the UK in a secure facility and automatically backed up for your peace of mind and safety. 

Pricing that’s simple, flexible and scalable

You pay for what you use, there are no hidden surprises. If your business grows and you need more space that’s fine, we can scale up or down on demand. You can turn on more power when you need peak performance or scale back when demand is low. 

Fast and reliable performance

soVisionIT cloud servers are located in our UK-based data centres with RAID 10 storage, ECC memory, and with redundant networking and power built in. In other words, it won’t let you down. 

Reduced costs

Paying for a VCS is significantly cheaper than running your own servers are there is no IT management overhead or technical expertise required. 

Who is a VCS for? 

Many businesses benefit from a virtual server cloud hosting: 

VCS enable small and medium-sized businesses to eliminate the need to rely on a single expert IT expert. Growing businesses and start-ups can also take advantage of this and put capital into growth rather than IT.  

The flexible nature of VCS is beneficial to web-based businesses and eCommerce websites. Scale your hosting up to meet peak demands and reduce load when things are quieter.  

Larger businesses and corporates can use VCS to overcome the limitations of in-house server hardware. To plan and implement a ‘bare metal’ dedicated server on your premises often takes months. Scale up for sales and marketing drives quickly and easily with virtual servers. 

Cloud servers offer IT departments within large organisations flexibility in the face of unpredictable demand for server space and power. Our cloud servers integrate with your on-premise IT seamlessly and flexibly. 

What can I run on a virtual cloud hosting server? 

The software and applications you can run on a virtual cloud hosting server is varied. Examples include:  

  • Websites, ecommerce sites, blogs 
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) applications 
  • Linux or Windows 
  • Content management systems (CMS) 
  • Web applications and apps 
  • Non-web-based applications