4 simple steps to disaster-proof your business & your data

4 simple steps to disaster-proof your business & your data

One of the most valuable assets in your company is your data and you should always do everything you can to make sure you don't lose any of it.


Here are 4 simple things you can and should do to make sure your company and your data are protected against and ready for any disaster:


1. Back up your data remotely - Everyone knows data should be backed up on a daily basis but many people still use in-house tape drives which can get damaged in a natural disaster or fire and can easily be stolen. We recommend backing up all your data in a secure cloud away from such dangers and harm. Click here to find out more about our Remote and Online Backup Services.

2. Use a surge protector and uninterruptible power supply battery - A high-quality surge protector combined with an uninterruptible power supply battery backup will go a long way towards protecting your sensitive electronic equipment from power surges and other electronic irregularities which can destroy your computer’s circuitry.

3. Make sure your IT equipment is off the floor - If your office gets flooded, ensuring your equipment is off the floor will prevent it from being completely destroyed. If you still have onsite servers, we recommend using server racks which are easy to find and very inexpensive to install.

4. Have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan - Every business should have some type of plan in place for continued operation after a disaster. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use one but having a simple plan will make you sleep a lot easier at night knowing you have a way to continue your operations if and when disaster strikes. It can be as simple as making sure people know where to go and who to call in a disaster situation and ensuring they know how to log in and access your data remotely. Click here to find out more about our IT Disaster Recovery Solutions.


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