Are you suffering from ‘Metathesiophobia’ around changing your IT provider?

Are you suffering from ‘Metathesiophobia’ around changing your IT provider?

In other words, do you fear making a change around the Managed IT Support in your business, even if the service you are getting is poor or simply ‘okay’?

This is incredibly common in life and in business – the fear of change, even if we know logically that change is what is needed. In fact, it goes deeper than that.


For many of us: Fear = Pain


Ask any business coach and they will tell you that an inability to embrace change in business will eventually lead to flatlining or stagnation when it comes to growth and ambition.

We fear many things in life - that something might happen to those we love, or we won’t have enough money, or we may have phobias of spiders, clowns, the dark or even something as odd as tryphophobia – fear of small holes or bumps!

Fear of making changes in our business is no different. It’s a hurdle to overcome and when IT and IT Support is central to our business operations – then that hurdle can seem even more daunting and more painful.

However hitting the buffers, and losing market share at a time of great change which is affecting the whole economy is going to be even more painful. If you are unclear about what we are facing in the business world.

Here are just five ‘fears’ you may be feeling as a business owner or director:


  • Better the devil you know – your current supplier is a bit rubbish yet they get around to things eventually, they cope with your irritation when something goes wrong again. They don’t come up with new ideas however the old ideas are limping along.
  • It will be too disruptive - you fear the disruption it might cause physically to your premises, across multiple sites, and possibly with some staff working from home permanently.
  • It will take so much time to train staff – you fear the amount of time it will take to learn a new system or a new way of working and then having to cope with staff’s moans and groans.
  • A new IT Support manager may mean the business goes offline for a while – you fear any downtime in your operations at all. At a time like this, you have to be online and available to be seen and to do business.
  • More money – you fear that the cost will be far greater than you pay now and, at a time when cash flow is so important, you fear any investment.


All of those fears are real – yet are they justified? Here’s our take on your fears.


  • Better the devil you know – is it? If you want to grow you will need to at least consider a change. Talk to us about how we work with clients, what we can offer to make your life easier and where we can offer improvements in efficiency which have been bugging you for months.
  • Too disruptive – in most cases, it will not be half as disruptive as you fear. We work hard to ensure minimal fuss and disruption, we will ensure there is a documented, transparent onboarding process. By being upfront with the whole team, everyone will know what to expect and when.
  • Time – we will work hard to get team buy-in and will provide documentation showing your complete IT infrastructure, put together by our experienced team. If staff training is required we will schedule this so that it fits around the needs of the business so there is no downtime in production.
  • Offline – this will not happen in most cases for all of the reasons listed above. If on a rare occasion it did, we would ensure it happened at a quieter time for your business such as overnight or over a weekend.
  • Investment – we will be very clear about pricing from the start and it may not be more expensive. If it is, then we will be very clear about what new tools we bring to allow you to make more sales and/or save time and money through operating efficiencies.

Don’t fear change – it may be just what you need to innovate and move forward.


It’s easy to neglect your Managed IT Support until you need them, but by then it may be too late. Don’t get caught out. Call us on 0117 986 4026 for a no-obligation chat.