Could a lack of employee security measures be your downfall?

Could a lack of employee security measures be your downfall?

Ask anyone in business what the biggest risk to their IT security is, and nine times out of ten they will say cyber-attacks. However, this can be prevented with reliable Cyber Security Solutions.

It’s true that cyber-crime is on the up and attacks appear to be increasing in prevalence and sophistication. However, the real danger to the IT security of your business is very likely to exist that bit closer to home…

Evidence tells us that one of the biggest threats to IT security is in fact your employees. It’s a sobering thought and there’s no quick fix to reduce the risk. The reality is, if you are going to be able to protect your software, systems and processes to make them less vulnerable, a multi-faceted approach is needed.


Why do employees pose such a threat to IT security?

As with any work performed by staff, the opportunity for human error is always there. It isn’t just an issue for large corporates with big numbers of employees; the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reported that a massive 90% of UK cyber data breaches in 2019 were caused by human error.

There’s no denying that a recent increase in the number of people that are now working from home or involved in flexible or hybrid working has increased this risk too. Business computers and software are now invariably scattered across large geographical areas - sometimes nationwide - and are no longer restricted to the physical space of the office. Of course, this brings huge benefits to many aspects of day to day work but when it comes to IT security there are added risks, making Cyber Security even more crucial.

Without the direct presence of IT Support in the office, staff are often responsible for maintaining and updating their own computers which can get overlooked, and working away from the office means a greater reliance on email and online messaging which increases vulnerability.

Being able to access business data on the go from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop is great for efficiency but it adds an extra element of risk to company IT. This risk is only heightened when you throw into the mix the increased possibility of loss, theft or damage to equipment outside of the office.

Then of course there are cyber-attacks themselves which are very often targeted at employees working within organisations. Even the most savvy of staff have been known to voluntarily share confidential information and security details by being duped into handing them over. Phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated and incredibly clever, so don’t underestimate how effective they can be...and how devastating their impact.


Measures you can take to protect your IT security with Cyber Security

The good news is there are plenty of strategies and tools you can put in place to protect your IT security and reduce the chance of things going wrong:

  • Use robust two-step authentication for anyone accessing your IT systems
  • Move all company emails to the cloud
  • Move company data off-site and into the cloud
  • Create a secure storage and retrieval system
  • Set up alerts so managers can instantly see when security violations occur
  • Streamline workflows and processes to reduce the risk of human error
  • Use automation to link processes together seamlessly
  • Use IT managed services to provide 24hr support
  • Train your employees with security awareness training

Very often these measures can be put in place very quickly and with minimal impact to your business using reliable Cyber Security Consulting services.

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