How Managed IT Service Providers Keep Your Data Secure

How Managed IT Service Providers Keep Your Data Secure

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on digital services and businesses are beginning to grapple with the cloud service landscape, which can be complex to manage in-house. Therefore, IT-managed service providers have appeared to lend their expertise and keep businesses’ digital infrastructure intact. Throughout this article, we’ll tell you what a managed IT service provider is and how Business Cloud Backup will help keep your data secure.


What Are Managed IT Providers?

Managed IT service providers are third-party companies responsible for taking care of business infrastructures. They will set up cloud services, run updates, check for issues, monitor hardware, and much more. Their teams are full of experts in the industry, which makes them in high demand for businesses. Although you’re trusting an external company with your data, they take measures to ensure your data is secure - continue reading to find out how.


Cyber Attack Protection

Technology comes hand-in-hand with cyber-attacks, which are increasing in complexity daily. Therefore, businesses need to stay ahead of the grain to protect their data. Choosing to use a managed IT service can help with this because their team’s only job is to take care of IT infrastructures by keeping updated with the latest trends. Your business’s data will be kept safe from attacks through the following:

  • Vulnerability checks. Your IT service provider will have a team of experts ready to check for flaws in your digital infrastructure.
  • Information encryption. When information is sent between two points it becomes vulnerable - encryption scrambles information and makes it readable by authorised devices.
  • Email monitoring. Emails can hit businesses with malware and other attacks. Your managed IT provider will quarantine any risky emails.
  • Regular antivirus checks. Your provider will have high-quality antivirus tools to spot any breaches sitting within your systems.


Network Maintenance and Upgrades

Hardware and digital tools become outdated quickly, which is why everything needs to be updated regularly with business cloud backup. As well as installing all of your software in the first instance, your managed IT provider will constantly search for the latest versions and install them without interrupting your workflow.


Disaster Recovery

Your digital infrastructure can be built like Fort Knox, but it can never be completely secure. Therefore, businesses need a disaster recovery strategy to protect their data in the event of a breach, which can be costly. Fortunately, your managed IT service provider will have processes in place to ensure your information is backed up. If your services go down, they will have you up and running in no time, meaning minimal disruption to your daily operations.


Compliance Assurance

As the rise of digital tools and services continues, the policies surrounding data usage evolve. Therefore, businesses need to ensure they’re constantly hitting the correct levels of regulatory compliance. By using a managed IT service, businesses can rest assured that they’re never in breach of data regulations. After all, their service providers keep updated to offer the best services.


Keeping data secure is essential in the digital age, and cloud backup services for businesses can help you guard it. Through industry experts, keeping updated, backing up information, and assuring compliance, your service provider will eliminate the need to worry.


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