How to protect your business from hackers accessing Wi-Fi networks

How to protect your business from hackers accessing Wi-Fi networks

Thousands of computer networks can be accessed in a few minutes by a hacker, even if complicated passwords are used. In this context, the Wi-Fi connection becomes a gate through which cybercriminals can access your computers and laptops, hold your confidential data and threaten to destroy it if you don’t pay a ransom.

The most common way to provide Internet connection coverage for large areas without having dozens of cables stretched everywhere and without structural changes to the building is the wireless connection. But along with this great benefit comes a big downside: you will always meet cybersecurity challenges because your business information now flows freely in the form of radio waves and is accessible to anyone within your area, even if your data is encrypted.

soVision IT's security team is sharing the standard measures that need to be taken in your company to avoid meeting cybercriminals:


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Change your standard password and user. Routers and other access points are sold with a reduced or nonexistent level of security. It is recommended that you change the password and username that came with the router by accessing the control panel. 

Hide your network. One of the most important measures to secure your Wi-Fi network is hiding it, so that all the people searching for available networks will not see yours. The network name or Security Set Identifier (SSID) can be hidden from the control panel of the router in a single command.

Make device restrictions. To further restrict the access to your network, the router can be configured to accept only certain devices that will be able to connect to your Internet. For example, applying a filter on MAC (network adapter unique identifier), a router can be configured so that it will not accept other devices than the ones of a certain department of your business. 

Diminish the signal strength. When using a router that has a signal over an area larger than the surface or your offices it is recommended to diminish the signal. In this way, you will prevent unauthorised access to the network from outside of your organisation.

Use a software solution. Last, but not least, the most secure solution for having full control over your Wi-Fi network is changing the standard software that comes with your router with a professional one. It is recommended that this is implemented and managed by a qualified IT team. They will have the knowledge and capability to restrict access ports or to implement VPN services (a virtual private network) which aim to encrypt communication.

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