Is Office365 backup really necessary?

Is Office365 backup really necessary?

The simple answer is YES, if your emails, calendars, contacts, files and folders are important to you and your business then you need effective Microsoft 365 Office 365 services.

Most people would expect backup to be a service included by Microsoft in their Office 365 Microsoft 365 licensing and it is, but only to a certain extent. That's why even Microsoft is recommending in their Terms & Conditions to use a third-party backup solution to keep your business fully protected from any data loss.

With a Microsoft 365 Office 365 backup, you can rest assured that your data will be restored fast in case:


  • a user accidentally deletes an email, removes an important folder in OneDrive or overwrites a document that is crucial to your business;
  • an employee deletes their emails or files before leaving the company;
  • data is lost due to a Microsoft outage (these have increased in recent months);
  • you've been the victim of a cyber attack.


We highly recommend you start using a cost-effective backup service like Office 365 Microsoft 365 right away, whether you need to secure your cloud data to meet standards and regulations or want to prepare your business in case of data loss or a ransomware attack. 

What does a cost-effective backup service look like? 


A SaaS solution allows us to easily restore your data to a time immediately preceding an attack thanks to 3 × daily point-in-time backups. SaaS pricing is based on affordable per-user pricing, with no additional fees for storage and performance that is best-in-class.

Sending a quote request doesn't cost you anything, losing your data might cost you your entire business.


It’s easy to forget about Microsoft 365 Office 365 services until you need them, but by then it may be too late. Don’t get caught out. Call us on 0117 986 4026 for a no-obligation chat.