Managed Wi-Fi: Do I need it?

Managed Wi-Fi: Do I need it?

This is a question only you can answer, however, as you are reading this, do you have the feintest clue how many devices are connected to your corporate Wi-Fi, or what they are doing? How many are legitimate corporate devices? Most people will not know offhand, but the more concerning thing is that they won’t be able to find out easily either. Well, now you can with wireless broadband services.


The risks of not having a Managed Wi-Fi source through wireless broadband services.


Guest’s networks are another interesting point. The industry average varies; however, it seems on average at least 25% of business don’t have a separate guest network for visitors - visitors will arrive and log directly on to the corporate Wi-Fi. Many businesses don’t realise the risk that this poses to the network and the potential for data breaches that arises. For example, an unscrupulous guest may scan the network for open file shares and help themselves to corporate data.

Do your staff connect their personal telephones to the corporate wireless? The same risks exist from staff as they do from visitors. Rogue employees, whilst rare, do happen. Which is why we offer mobile wireless broadband services.

Lastly, when was the last time your corporate wireless key was changed? For most, it is a very rare occurrence simply because it is a laborious task. If you allow guests onto your corporate wireless and don’t change the key, they can return at any time to reconnect – and don’t have to be in the building as outside will do.


How can wireless broadband services resolve these issues?


Simply put, mobile wireless broadband services can resolve all these issues. A well-configured managed wireless solution will have:

  • An isolated guest network – a stovepipe for visitor and staff devices to ensure that other areas of the network are not accessible at any time.
  • An easily accessible list of connected devices to all wireless network at any time – you can even see how much data is being used.
  • Logging of users, unique identifiers and if required, a list of content accessed. This gives the ability to revisit what devices have been active and on what in the event of a problem.
  • Quick and simple wireless key changes – no need to access and alter keys on multiple wireless access points.

All these benefits are complemented by enterprise-grade hardware. This means a much stronger and reliable wireless signal, and the capability to handle more devices without issue – is there anything worse than a poor wireless signal?


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