Microsoft 365, the one-stop subscription for Office & Windows

Microsoft 365, the one-stop subscription for Office & Windows

Microsoft 365 Office 365 is the one-stop subscription for Office 365, Windows 10 & Enterprise Mobility+ Security delivering a complete ad secure solution to businesses of all sizes.

soVision IT has migrated countless customers to Microsoft 365 Office 365, allowing them to benefit from the following: access from anywhere any time, reduced capital expenditure and hardware costs, greater productivity, robust security and reliability. Now we are looking forward to introducing all existing and new clients to the latest Microsoft solution: Microsoft 365.

This service will be available through a subscription and comes in two variations: Microsoft 365 Business and Microsoft 365 Enterprise, covering the need for a modern workplace for all organisations regardless of their size, location or industry.


Small and medium sized businesses: 

If you are a having a small to medium sized business you will be needing Microsoft 365 Business which is specially designed for SMEs with up to 300 users. Microsoft 365 Business will help you increase your productivity by connecting all your employees, customers and suppliers. Furthermore, it will keep the great benefit that Office 365 is currently offering: the possibility of working anywhere, any time, on any device. All your company data regardless of the location of your employees’ devices will be constantly protected through the always-on security features.  Last, but not least, with Microsoft 365 you will be able to set up and manage employee devices from a single dedicated console.


Large businesses: 

If you are a large organisation, Microsoft is recommending you the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise which comes in two plans: Microsoft Office E3 and Microsoft Office E5. Being built on the successful Secure Productive Enterprise, the new Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise will still include the suite of productivity apps, but will also provide more communication tools and more robust security options. For example, Microsoft 365 E3 includes PSTN conferencing and Microsoft's Cloud PBX software, which replaces phone systems with calling features integrated into Skype for Business.

soVision IT is an accredited Microsoft Silver Partner that can help any companies in Bristol, Bath and the South West find out more about how Office 365 Microsoft 365 can increase their business productivity and growth. Contact now one of our Microsoft Certified engineers:


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