Saying goodbye to Microsoft Windows Vista

Saying goodbye to Microsoft Windows Vista

Many won’t be saying goodbye to Microsoft 365 Office 365 Windows Vista as it ends extended support on April 11th 2017, more like good riddance. However, was it that bad?

Let’s have a look at what Microsoft’s problem child brought to the table that has been taken forward:

• User Account Control – Not everyone’s favourite thing I admit, however, this was one of the greatest leaps in computer security for Windows since the invention of the PC. First introduced in Windows Vista.
• Automatic Hard Drive defragmentation – When was the last time you had to defragment your hard disk on your PC? Windows now do this automatically so you don’t have to. First introduced in Windows Vista.
• Dynamic memory management – Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 use the underlying memory management that was first introduced in Windows Vista.
• ReadyBoost – Many people don’t use it, regardless of it being a good idea. First introduced in Windows Vista.

As we watch Windows Vista complete the end of its service lifespan, most people will remember the lack of drivers, the reduced performance or the long boot times. Those are all fair comments, however, remember that many features in use in current operating systems came from an operating system that never quite cut the mustard.



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