Which Backup Methods Do Successful Businesses Use?

Which Backup Methods Do Successful Businesses Use?

Losing your business data could end up being a devastating event for your company. The good news is that there are several options to consider when it comes to backing your data up. Proper data protection, regular Business Cloud Backups and a good disaster recovery plan are the best defences against this kind of catastrophe. When your business has a strong backup system in place, you will make sure that it has the ability to bounce back from any problems it might encounter and continue without interruption. There’s no such thing as too many data backups – but how can you back up your data? Here are some of the methods that successful companies use.


Business Cloud Backups

Online services offer some of the easiest ways to back up your business data, so the majority of small businesses today choose cloud computing.  However, if you are using the cloud to keep your business data backed up, it’s important to ensure that you are using strong passwords, have an alternative backup method and a good disaster recovery plan in place. This is because cloud services do still carry a risk of data loss through methods such as hacking or even employee sabotage. Make sure that the backed-up files are encrypted.


External Hard Drive

When it comes to physical cloud backup services for businesses, this is an effective and fairly inexpensive method to consider. External hard drives are easy to use as all you need to do is plug them into your computer at the USB port and copy any files that need to be backed up. They also have the advantage of being physical storage, which makes them less susceptive to hacking compared to cloud computing. However, it’s a good idea to use them alongside another backup type as they are more susceptible to physical damage and breakdown, which could lead to data loss.


USB Drives

USB drives or sticks are becoming a more and more popular option these days, as they are small and handy. They are a great choice for quick data backups or for backing up files that you need to get a copy of quickly and effectively. While they do not hold as much data as you would expect from an external hard drive, they have plenty of advantages including being very portable and their fast transfer rates. They are very reliable, and a great choice for when you need to back up data and move it off-site.


Local Area Network Storage

You can back up your files to another server or computer if you have a local area network (LAN). However, like other methods of physical storage, it is important to bear in mind that the location of the machine used for business cloud backup could make it vulnerable. It is best not to keep it on the same site if possible as it could be damaged if anything were to happen to your business such as flooding or fire.


Since data loss can be so devastating to businesses of any size, ensuring that you have several options in place when it comes to keeping your data backed up is a crucial part of any disaster recovery plan.


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