Will a sticking plaster do to fix your IT gremlins?

Will a sticking plaster do to fix your IT gremlins?

That’s the problem with sticking plasters; they don’t last forever. At some point, they will eventually fall off and you’ll still have to deal with the wound underneath.

There’s nothing new about this analogy but that doesn’t stop businesses from trying to patch up their Managed IT Services problems on the cheap where they can – in fact, it’s something we see very often. When budgets are tight the option to try a quick fix can be really tempting and more often than not it might work…for a short while.

The trouble is short terms fixes are exactly that. IT issues won’t just disappear magically and if you are experiencing problems, it is almost certainly a sign that something in the system needs real attention. These issues will only build as time goes on.

What feels like a small problem now could well turn into something close to catastrophic further down the line. Despite popular opinion, sticking plasters aren’t a cost-saving exercise either. Trust us, even if it’s your own IT department that is trying to persuade you otherwise!

So, what can you do about it? Well, our advice is always to pay attention to those glitches (it is usually your computer trying to tell you something), seek Managed IT Services support and make sure the problem gets fixed at the source, rather than just at the pinch point. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and if we had a pound for every client we’ve helped who says they wished they had got the problem properly fixed from the outset….


Is your computer trying to tell you something?

Identifying any red flags is your best line of defence for avoiding an IT disaster. That isn’t to say that if you get any of the below issues regularly you are on track to a system failure, but it is a good warning sign that you should get things checked out before the problem gets worse.

  • Things slowing down

If you’ve noticed that your applications are slowing down, or perhaps your computer keeps freezing, then this is often a sign of outdated equipment and it may well be time to get your systems and infrastructure fully up to date With an effective Managed IT service. It may also be that your current software isn’t able to cope with the demands of your users, multiple applications and data storage that your business requires.

  • Data losses

We’ve all been there when an important document you have spent time and effort working on suddenly vanishes. It may be that your IT department is able to recover the document without you having to go into panic mode but this is a real sign that something could be wrong with your software, particularly if it is happening regularly. Data losses can be a sign of hard drive failures, software corruption, computer viruses or power failure so it is important you get the problem checked out quickly from the outset.

  • Security breaches
    Security breaches can present themselves in many different ways; you may notice something abnormal like changed user credentials, missing data or the sudden appearance of unknown files. If you’ve been experiencing anything similar it’s vital you make your IT security as fool-proof as possible, as quickly as possible. There are lots of things you can do to combat security breaches and these include investing in secure data storage, up-to-date security software, data back-up and encryption, and improving best practices within your workforce.


  • Low productivity
    A lack of productivity isn’t good for anyone, whether you’re talking about profits lost or employee motivation. To overcome the issue you need to look at what’s causing the low productivity and for many companies, it can often come down to their Managed IT Services infrastructure. If your staff are working on sluggish computers, having to deal with continual glitches, or using inefficient processes and workflows, their work will suffer as a result. It’s one of the biggest driving forces behind businesses deciding to get their IT issues fixed properly, and can have one of the biggest impacts too.


At the end of the day, if you are trying to look for cost-effective ways to improve your business workflows and profits, don’t try to cut corners - it will often end up costing you a lot more in data losses, security breaches and low productivity.

Fixing the problem properly doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your IT infrastructure either. If you have been experiencing some issues with your IT systems feel free to give us a call and we will happily offer you some tips and advice on how best to overcome them so that you can get on with business.


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