Managed Cyber Security

Any business is at risk of cyber crime – even one like yours…

The days when some antivirus software and a firewall protected your IT are long gone. You need reliable cyber security solutions.  It’s easy to believe that a cyber-attack would never happen to your business. Maybe you think that you’re too small, too well protected, that criminals only go for major corporations or vulnerable individuals…

The truth is, cyber attacks become more widespread, more insidious, and more sophisticated every day. And it’s not only external malicious attacks that pose a threat to cyber security. Businesses need to be just as careful about how they handle data internally. With a move towards greater data protection in recent years, you need to mitigate internal risks too with effective cyber security consulting.

If you’re fixing a cyber security threat after the event, it’s already too late. The best way to stop a cyber attack or a data breach is to take proactive steps and gain more knowledge with cyber security awareness training.

soVision IT manages the cyber security solutions of companies across the UK. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so you know where you stand. From there, we’ll put measures in place to protect your business. 24/7 monitoring, 365 days per year, so you stay one step ahead, protected, and secure.

Our cyber security consultancy include:


Security Awareness Training

Your staff are your first line of defence. Increased awareness helps strengthen awareness of vulnerabilities.

Employees are often seen by cyber criminals as the ‘weak link’ in your security and this makes them a target. Cyber attacks are on the rise; it only takes one simple slip for an employee to give away a password, allow a cyber criminal access or breach customer data.

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Cyber Essentials Certification

Support to achieve the Government-backed Cyber Essentials certification.

For every complex cyber security threat out there, there are a multitude of small threats can be avoided by taking simple measures. Much like locking windows and doors securely, taking good care of your cyber security is a simple yet effective defence against opportunist cyber criminals. 

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Protect Data and Comply with GDPR

Help to manage your data securely and stay in-line with the law.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed how organisations process data; there’s never been a greater need to protect sensitive data, client details and employee information. Failure to comply can result in huge fines.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Effective and comprehensive data backup and recovery offering a safety net in the event of disaster.

Time is money and if your business is offline, it’s costly. Even worse, if your data is permanently lost, your ability to trade long term is jeopardised. Whether it’s a fire or a flood, a cyber attack or a system failure, the worst-case scenario can’t always be avoided.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Proactive monitoring to establish risk to assets such as passwords, and flag potential data breaches and theft.

We’ve all heard that we need to protect our data and stop it falling into the hands of criminals. But where do stolen logins and passwords end up? Often, criminals sell them anonymously on the dark web.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

We all hope that we won’t be a victim of cyber crime; insurance offers a lifeline for those affected by a cyber attack.

You protect your business against theft, fire, disaster… Maybe you even insure key people in the business; they might not leave suddenly, but what if they did? Insurance against cyber-crime works in exactly the same way.

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