Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber-crime can happen to any business, even one like yours; insurance for the worst-case scenario

You protect your business against theft, fire, disaster… Maybe you even insure key people in the business; they might not leave suddenly, but what if they did? You would need effective cyber liability insurance. 

Cyber liability insurance coverage against cyber-crime works in exactly the same way. A cyber attack might not happen to your business – and what if it did? The cost of repairing damage and compensating a third party is unthinkable. You might truly believe it won’t happen to you – but if your business has a website, uses email or stores electronic customer data, cyber criminals could take advantage.


So, do you need Cyber Liability Insurance? Think about it.


In the meantime, it might help to know that soVision IT has partnered with insurance experts Mark Richard to protect businesses like yours with cyber liability insurance coverage. There’s no cost for a quote. And it could just save you money (and disastrous consequences) later.


Cyber exposure is no laughing matter. Assess your risk for free with Cyber Liability Insurance.