VOIP Telephony

Phone systems that scale with you; pay for what you use, not what you don’t

Figuring out the inner workings of a telephone system is probably not why you’re in business. Wouldn’t it be great if your phones simply did what they were supposed to: make communication simpler and deliver feature-rich functionality? Well, now they can, with VOIP telephony.   

If you move offices, switch to homeworking, or employ remote staff - VOIP is ideal. The option to do away with physical handsets and use a mobile or device reduces hardware costs.  

But what if you prefer to use a good old-fashioned phone? That’s fine, you can still enjoy the benefits with VOIP telephony providers. Even if you move premises, you simply unplug the phone and plug in at the new destination – no need to contact BT weeks in advance and no hefty fees to pay. 

With soVision IT, reliable, affordable telephony is a possibility. We’ll analyse your business and advise whether a cloud-based VOIP system or an on-premise option is best. The most appropriate system is fully considered and then delivered. 

Phones that just work? Ring-ring to that with VOIP telephony.  


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