Imagine swimming uphill? Curing a holiday company’s pain

Imagine swimming uphill? Curing a holiday company’s pain

Do you ever get the feeling you’re swimming uphill? It can be a familiar frustration in business when their IT Software Development systems and processes turn out to be a whole lot more arduous, time-consuming, and downright hard work than they should be.

It’s an exhausting way of working, and not just for companies – customers can feel it too.

A holiday home client of ours was experiencing the same thing when they came to us in need of a complete shake-up in the way their business processes and booking systems functioned. Through combining their disparate business processes into one unified admin, booking, billing and statistics, and reporting platform we were able to transform the way their online business worked for both the company and their customers.

Here’s how.


Inefficient processes getting in the way of business

Here at soVision IT our IT Software Development company often find that the biggest danger when working with inefficient systems isn’t necessarily the short-term impact it can have on your business, it’s how long those systems are left in place to continue to work inadequately.

Operating as a holiday home company with an online booking system, our client was really feeling the strain of clunky, inefficient processes and had been for some time. On a customer level, making an online booking on the website wasn’t straightforward, and the booking, billing, and confirmation stages of the process were both disparate and ineffective.

This of course was affecting our client’s business day to day – no one wants to waste their time trying to place a booking for a holiday home that can take seconds elsewhere. As the saying goes time is money, and there can be no room for inefficiency when there is plenty of competition around.


A bespoke solution to a specific problem from an IT Software Development Company

The good news is improvements can always be made to systems that aren’t doing their job as well as they should be, it just requires some real thought and creativity to find the right solution to the problem. When our holiday home client initially approached us, the first thing our IT Software Development team did was sit down with them to identify where their real issues lay, and what aspects were the key obstacles that could hinder the whole process. A one-size-fits all approach is rarely as effective as a bespoke solution when it comes to resolving issues for a business and gaining a real understanding of each company including how it operates and the challenges it faces is key.

It soon became clear to us that there was a real need to unify the disparate processes our client was struggling with, and instead to build a bespoke content management system from scratch that would bring every stage of the booking process together in one streamlined and easy-to-use platform.


IT Software Development gives you an outcome with clear results

The end result was a comprehensive administration system incorporating a dashboard of statistics perfect for the client’s needs, along with the implementation of an online payment system.

Through moving to a fully automated system the number of errors from manual mistakes was reduced, and the streamlined workflow created more time and money for the business. As the platform was created specifically for our client, it was designed to be able to be constantly enhanced and adapted depending on the changing needs of the business.

Transforming the workflow and processes for our client not only saved time and resources for the business, it also enhanced the customer experience and in turn delivered a much more user-friendly, customer-centric booking system.

If you’ve been experiencing similar issues in your business, or see an opportunity to iron out inefficiencies and streamline your systems, just get in touch with our IT Software Development company – we’d welcome a conversation to discuss how we might be able to help.


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