Line of business (LOB) applications - Software & App Development

Line of business (LOB) applications - Software & App Development

Line of Business (LOB) apps is the name used to describe a set of computer software and applications that are central to enterprise operations. Typically, they’re a series of integrated systems unique to a business that are used to manage databases and smooth workflows. Technology has the power to automate systems and make life easier, but you need to understand why your business needs LOB applications and how to go about implementing them. This is where Software Development comes in. 


What Are Line of Business Applications?

There are many different types of applications that help a business get work done. For example, productivity apps including word processors and project management tools. Then, you have LOB applications, which are specifically tailored toward a company to facilitate the needs of a smaller group of people. For example, if you operate an estate agency business, your LOB applications might identify prime locations, assess sales data, and carry out demographic research for an area.


Why Does Your Business Need LOB Applications?

The only way to understand why your business needs LOB applications is by observing a “problem” and “solution” analogy. Let’s say a business struggles with the recruitment process because there’s so much paperwork and manual data input involved. Passing paperwork between departments is a lot of hassle, especially in the digital world we live in.

To solve the problem and save money and time, the business can liaise with a software development team and work out a functional roadmap for automating the recruitment process. Then, all of these elements can be pooled into one seamless LOB application. The result is that applicants apply digitally, paperwork is assessed automatically, and invitations/rejections can be sent out at the push of a button.

There’s no denying that businesses function more efficiently when they’re equipped with apps tailored to their needs. However, it’s difficult to implement without coding knowledge, especially if you’re searching for ownership and a unique app.


How to Implement LOB Applications

Bringing a LOB app to fruition through coding calls for expertise that many businesses don’t have on hand. Therefore, it’s best to outsource IT software development to a team of professionals, which will eliminate opportunities for errors. This method of development is called ‘high-code’, which essentially means having high input from expert coders.

High-code development can be expensive to implement, especially for SMBs. However, the outcome is much better than the low/no-code alternatives because you can create anything your business requires. Further, by using high code, you’re not restricting yourself technically because the team of expert developers will have access to the latest trending tech, which helps to put businesses out in front.

Not only is high-code development more functional, but it’s also much more secure. Many inexperienced developers fail to implement efficient security features, which may result in data breaches that cost a fortune and damage your business’s reputation.


Line of business applications boosts efficiency through automation, data management, and streamlining processes unique to a company - a gift your employees and clients will be thankful for. However, developing high-quality and secure LOB applications is difficult, which is why we recommend taking the high-code development route.


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