The Advantages of Creating Bespoke Software for Your Business

The Advantages of Creating Bespoke Software for Your Business

Modern businesses are accustomed to using off-the-shelf software for things like project management and accounting. Software solutions help streamline tasks and allow businesses to save money, but while commercial off-the-shelf software is cheaper at the outset, there are significant merits to investing in bespoke software.

Custom-designed software is tailor-made for your business. It is designed to do whatever you need it to do and will contain all the functionality your team needs to do their job. If you can’t find a commercial software solution that ticks all the right boxes, bespoke software could be the solution you are looking for. Let’s look at the advantages.


Greater Functionality

Bespoke software with greater functionality can solve a problem and improve business processes. For example, in the recruitment sector, bespoke software can deliver training in a more engaging way or better meet governance requirements.

While off-the-shelf software initially appears more functional, often, it will have way more features than your company actually needs. The problem with this is that too many features will slow the software down and make it harder to use. In customer service, bespoke software requires less supervision and reduces errors because it’s a better fit for the company.

Bespoke software has greater functionality - it is designed with your needs in mind, not the general needs of millions of other companies. Working with IT software developers to create a custom-designed solution means you can avoid unnecessary bloat and end up with software that is simpler to use and integrates better into existing systems.


Scalable Solutions

Buying off-the-shelf software means you get exactly what you pay for. A software solution that is suitable for a small start-up won’t necessarily meet the needs of a larger business. You’ll need to keep upgrading the software, or possibly replacing it with something more suitable. This comes at a cost, both in terms of financial outlay and learning time.

Investing in bespoke software offers a scalable solution. As the business grows, the software can be upgraded, more features bolted on, and new users added. You won’t be hit with huge fees for buying additional software licences, as you would be with some commercial software packages.


Reduced Admin

The administration workload is reduced when using bespoke software. You don’t need to worry about applying software patches or updating the software. If bugs arise on commercial software solutions, it can take ages to resolve the problem because you are likely one of many customers with an issue.

With a bespoke software solution, the developer will monitor the software and fix any problems as soon as they arise.


Better Security

Security is an important issue. Off-the-shelf software solutions are a security risk. If hackers identify a vulnerability, numerous businesses are potentially exposed, including yours if you use the software. Hackers are far less likely to target a bespoke software solution used by one company; it’s not worth their time and the returns are minimal. This helps keep your data safe.


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