What if you could increase your business efficiency by 17%?

What if you could increase your business efficiency by 17%?

How much of your business is all just a waste of time?

Now, that might sound like an antagonising question to ask but it might just have more relevance than you think.

Consider all the day-to-day workflows and processes that go on in your business, from your junior team members right up to senior management – how much of their time is spent carrying out tasks that either doesn’t need to be done or could be carried out far more quickly, accurately and efficiently in another way with effective Software Development services?

Unnecessary extra workloads and frustratingly complex systems are a burden to businesses and can drain money and resources on a daily basis. Streamlining these processes can be incredibly impactful and while no business can claim to be 100% efficient, there are always savings to be made.

It’s really worth considering; we’ve helped our clients do away with expensive, time-consuming manual data entry and helped them to establish new systems and processes into their businesses which have increased their efficiencies by up to 17%.

It’s a simple way to significantly reduce operating costs and it can help to reduce the risk of errors being made too.


How can you increase your business efficiency by 17%?

Improving company efficiencies by almost a fifth is a big ask, but actually in reality it’s not too complicated to do. It requires a recognition that savings can be made within the business, a fresh approach and outlook as to how this can be achieved, and a creative Managed IT Services team that can implement new software seamlessly and with minimal disruption to your business.


Here are just a couple of different ways our Software Development team have been able to help our clients improve their own business efficiencies:


  • An online booking system that works in real-time across multiple platforms
    An online travel company client of ours was having trouble with their booking systems, due to incompatibility across different platforms and websites. The process for booking was slow and convoluted and was prone to inaccuracies; it often showed availability that wasn’t up-to-date. It wasn’t just the company that was dealing with the consequences, customers were feeling the frustrations too and it was time to do something about it.

    In order to streamline the process we developed an online calendar system that enabled one single diary system to be shared across multiple websites and holiday booking platforms:
    • While the concept was simple, the impact on the business was significant.
    • Availability was kept up-to-date and accurate in a single admin calendar that showed booked dates in real-time, which meant no chasing of tails and second-guessing.
    • This major improvement in the customer experience resulted in better trust in the company, a better user experience for potential travellers and an increase in the number of bookings made.


  • An online recruitment system and integrated jobs portal to improve efficiencies across the board
    A housing association client of ours came to us as they were experiencing inefficiencies in the way their recruitment system was processed. The system largely relied on paper-based applications, selection documents and interview files, which then needed to be transported to remote offices. This outdated process was time-consuming and was prone to multiple mistakes being made along the way; files were easily lost or misplaced, safe storing of documentation was an issue and being able to refer back to files was a lengthy process.

    To overcome these issues we developed an online recruitment system to support online applications from job applicants:
    • We introduced a major streamlining of back-office processes when it came to reviewing, shortlisting, interviewing, selecting and appointing candidates.
    • The previous paper-based system was replaced by an integrated jobs portal that shared applications and interview files online to recruiting managers.
    • The impact of this new streamlined recruitment system was felt throughout the business; time savings were made, the user-friendly jobs portal encouraged more candidates to apply for jobs, and the time and effort spent on administration and clerical tasks was vastly reduced.
    • The smoother online process enabled a wide range of managers to participate fully in recruitment decisions creating a far more diverse, inclusive and fully operational recruitment system.

If you have existing workflows and processes that are costing your business time and money, please do get in touch with our IT Software Development team so that we can chat through some options with you. We would love to touch base and discuss how we might be able to help overcome some of the issues you are facing.


If you're looking to make some changes to the way your software operates, or perhaps you're unhappy with your current Software Development, why not get in touch. We're here to listen and we're here to help: 0117 986 4026 | [email protected].